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The Pink Room (2016)
by Heather Foster and Drema Montgomery


The Pink Room was a multi-day performance installation by the collective Tooth-to-Tail (Heather Foster and Drema Montgomery). An Opossum and Baboon inhabited The Pink Room in THE BOX @ATHICA. This bedroom was shoddily furnished and drenched with pink light. Toys pocked with cancerous blobs littered the floors. Strange assemblages crowded the walls. In the heart of The Pink Room was the kernel of the universe – the mattress. With the mattress as their stage, the two animals slept, awoke, played, destroyed and died. 

There is No Life on Mars (2014)
by Heather Foster and Drema Montgomery

On Mars, a dog and a warthog interact with tapeworms. 
A video collaboration between Drema Montgomery and Heather Foster.

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